Website Design And Management
Hatech Solutions helps you resolve the major things you should know about when building your website such as:

. Can your website provide niche related content and tools for your customers?
. How can your website fit into your existing sales channels and sales cycle?
. Are you providing an easy way for your customer to contact you or your sales channels?
. Can your share different files, videos, catalogs etc. with visitors and customers?
. How do we make our sites attract traffic from the search engines?

Hatch Solutions will incorporate functionalities into your commercial website design that will simplify life for your company, site visotors and your customers. including product configurators, database applications, part number builders, e-commerce solutions, and much more.
Optimize Website Designs For Old And New Companies

Site Domain And Hosting
We also provide secure domain registration and international domain hosting services for your website.
Our Team of Experienced Domain and hosting managers from USA, Phillippines and Pakistan will ensure your Websites will secure and maintained with professional servers in USA.

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Many times, when companies come to Hatech Solutions for website development and industrial internet marketing, they're looking for one thing: increased search engine visibility. Our expert team of online marketing specialists can bring you the result you're looking for. With over 10 year's experience in the industrial market, we have an increased understanding of who you are and what you do.

Our highly-qualified SEO team creative custom packages tailored to your company's industry and online needs. We'll meet with you to determine your business's needs and customize an SEO solution to fit your site. Whether you're having SEO completed for your newly developed site, or if you're with us for monthly maintenance, We'll work with you to develop your online presence.

Monthly SEO Programe
Hatech solutions' monthly SEO services are highly customize to help you gain maximum visibility online result through Google Analytics.

SEO Services for Web Development
Hatech solutions will not make your new website appealing to customers, We'll help ensure that they can find you online. All our web development services come with an initial package.

SEO Copywriting Services
Our content development, blog writing, and SEO copyriting services are tailored to not just provide your customers with high quality information, but also to provide you with visibility in the search engines.

International SEO
Are you an international company with multiple websites in different languages?
Hatech solutions can help provide a holistic overview of all your websites and their performances. We can also provide research and consulting services to grow your online presence

Optimized Website Designs For Old And New Companies
Hatech has a world class team of web developers who will help you get your optimized website up and running in a few days and at the fraction of the cost you are used to, whether you are new to the market or have been around for a while without a web presence. Our web development services are designed to help you optmize the ability of your website to generate constant traffic; leads; and new business.

Website Redesigns
The internet is changing fast and websites can quickly feel like they are outdated. Keep up with the competition or be a leader with an updated desgn and website functionality. A redesign is always a great time to evaluate content, sales cycles and the need for your customers.

Logo Design & Industrial Branding
Building a new website might make you think about the design of your existing logo. Afrinet Solutions offers logo development or redesigns to help strengthen your brand. Create a logo that will grow with your company.

SEO Optimized Website Development
Hatech Solutions believe that an effective site is that can be found in the search engine related to their niche. The website platforms we will create for you are search engine friendly and we offer optimization services with each website development project.

Mobile & Responsive Website Design
With more than 70% of consumer using their mobile phones, rather than desktop computers, to access the internet these days, Afrinet Solutions has developed extensive capabilities to help you make your website mobile responsive and also include same in new website for our costomers.


We help you assess your online presence to identify areas where you are not presently maximizing your efforts and recommend areas for improvement.Using our cutting edge tools, training and resources, we will look at the content and design of your websites and come up with different options and solutions that will improve the results you are getting.

Hatech Solutions provides website assessment so you can zero-in on site's weaknesses. We will help you answer critical questions such: Is your website visible in search engine results? Can visitors easily navigate your site and find the information they need quickly? In the world of online shopping and product research, these question are important. Your search engine ranking can truly make or break your online success, and Hatech Solutions wants to show Google and Bing what your website truly has to offer.

Our website health analysis will give you an insight on the state of your website, how it performs in search engines; your top traffic referrers; site activity and site stickiness. Hatech Solutions will equip your site to attract the right kind of web traffic that provide amazing return on investment; generate leads constantly; and create repeat business for you on the internet.

Search Engine Compatibility
Our expert industrial niche internet marketing SEO team will assess your website based on its search engine friendliness. We will measure several factors which indicate search engine visibility, and report on your site's performance. Along with your SEO analysis, we will provide targeted recommendations for improvements and evolutions for your website. We will keep your business and website goals in mind as create an SEO roadmap for success.

Competitive Analysis
We will analyze your site's page rank, use of keywords, and browser compatibility with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and other popular platforms. We will also use your competitors  to gain valuable market knowledge. From your top three competitors we will research their keyword focuses, content, navigation and search engine rankings. Through this competitive analysis, you will understand how to gain an edge and stay ahead in search engine results.

Action Plan
Based on our SEO and competitive research, we will help you create solid strategies for immediate execution. We will outline strategies such as new content, press release development and link building initiatives. Not only we will present you with an action plan, we will also offer our help in achieving online search engine success. Our internet marketing strategies are based on cutting edge practices and tools and have helped countless website achieve dramatic increases search engine traffic within a few months of working with us. I f you are ready to maximize the power of your website on the internet, Hatech Solutions is your answer.