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1.  The visa assistance services described on this website are provided by HS Travel & Tours a subsidiary of Hatech Solutions Ventures.

2.  The assessment of any visa applications is not carried out by HS Travel & Tours and the grant or refusal of visas is at the sole discretion of the Consular Officer. The Immigration or Consular Officer reserve the right to ask for further documentation and information from you, in such case, you must supply such further documents and information if you wish your application to continue to be considered.

3.  All fees payable by you sometimes comprise the visa application fee for the visa for which you are applying, which we forward to the Immigration or Consular Office, and our professional fees.
In addition to that; all costs of returning passports, visas, and documents to you are not included in the final total fee.

4.  All fees are not refundable as soon as we proceed with a visa application, and whether or not a visa is ultimately granted.

5.  HS Travel & Tours will process all visa applications with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with all procedures prescribed by Immigration or Consular Office from time to time.
However, whilst we use reasonable care to check your application form for obvious errors on the face of the form, we do not guarantee to detect errors with your form, and we do not undertake to verify any information you provide, which you are responsible for ensuring its accuracy.

6.  It is the responsibility of all applicants to complete all applications forms truthfully, to provide correct and accurate information and documentation, to ensure that they have a valid passport, and on receipt of a visa, to check the validity of the visa issued to ensure that it covers the period of stay requested, the number of entries required and that it is valid for the purpose of the trip. Applicants are requested to submit/send photocopies of the supporting documents (not the originals) unless originals are requested.
Furthermore, HS Travel & Tours will not be held responsible for any fraudulent document hand to any HS Travel & Tours visa consultant by you for verification of his/her visa application.

7.  You are required to submit your visa application in person except for a few countries that we can do on your behalf.

8.  The processing times for visa applications (including priority and super-priority applications) are estimates only and HS Travel & Tours cannot be held responsible for delays that arise which are out of HS Travel & Tours’ control. The processing of your application is subject to the procedures and timescales of the Immigration or Consular Office, over which we have no control.

9.  Approved visas do not guarantee entry to any country. It is still the exclusive right of the immigration official at the point of entry.

10. Accepting the terms and conditions automatically states you agree to clauses 1-9 of these terms and conditions and takes it as an electronic signature.