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University Education abroad is one of the greatest investments you will ever make. You study in an atmosphere for free thinking and inspiration, where existing ideas are re-inivigorated and new ideas take shape, so you are able to demonstrate a keen knowledge of your chosen industry and clear ability to think outside the box. You are given the freedom you need to learn, to grow and to achieve, enabling you to break boundaries and realize your fullest potentials.

* Foreign School Completed Application Form (Fees Apply)
* Copies Of All Academic Records, Certificates And Transcript
* Medical Report/Immunization Record
* Proof Of Financial Record And Bank Reference Letter
* Evidence Of English Language Competence (If Available.)
* Transcript: For Post Graduate And Master Students (Transcript Must Be Sent From Your Institution To The University)
* Curriculum Vitae
* International Passport
* Copy Of Birth Certificate
* Application Fee (Contact Us) Non Refundable
* More On Request

* English As A Medium Of Instruction
* No Entrance Examination Required
* Scholarship Funding
* Summer Jobs During Vacation
* Cheap Student Ticket On Major Airlines
* International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
* International Youth Travel Card (IYTC)
* International Travel Insurance

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