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With a number of Joomla websites over the Internet, its no wonder that most of them appear just the same. Its because of the lack of quality Joomla templates available. Joomla run websites need to have unique Joomla template design for improved web dominance and greater traffic towards it. So it is necessary to prefer custom Joomla template design over freely available versions.

Joomla Template Design Services
HatechSolutions has a team of dedicated developers who help design creative and beautiful templates. Apart from focusing on beautifying the website, we also aim at focusing on search engine optimized designs. We have successfully designed a number of Joomla templates for our clients. Some of the services that we currently offer are:

Joomla template design from scratch
Custom Joomla template design
Joomla template with Virtuemart integration

Joomla Template Design Features
We have a number of Joomla template design features to offer. Depending on the package and which type of template a client needs, we offer different price range and features. But, the following highlighted features are common to all:

Flexible Joomla template design for different layouts
Cross Browser compatibility tests
Compatible with all Joomla versions
Completely table-less template structure
Light weight and fast loading
All Joomla templates are search engine optimized
Adheres to all required license and norms
Extensions integration with Joomla template

Why choose us?
Choose from a huge gallery of templates
Nominal charges for use of template extensions
100% customer satisfaction
Affordable price with no hidden cost
30 days money back guarantee
Free lifetime support and maintenance

If your website needs a makeover then, it’s time to have a unique look for it. Hire one of our Joomla template designer and be assured of quality services. In order to start the procedure, all you have to do is, request a quote.

At HatechSolutions, everything 'Wordpress' is our strong suit, and we endeavor to offer you Wordpress theme customization services that lets you transform your themes to solutions that are all-inclusive, versatile, and riveting. While tailoring your themes to suit your business sensibilities, we take every measure to keep it responsive and compatible across different platforms. Without falling prey to the mainstream and hardly effective ways of theme customization, we deliver services that make this customization a pleasant romp.

Leveraging best-in-class tools and technologies, HatechSolutions answer all the questions that emanate cardinally from the exercise of modifying a Wordpress theme. The maze of complexity associated with this exercise is carefully considered and broken into simpler, smaller pieces so that your website is poised for accelerated growth. It is further coupled by state of the art processes to enhance your Wordpress framework and fuel it to deliver greater value. To ascertain that the final solution perfectly falls in sync with your expectations and the factors that dictate the current market trends, we deliver the Wordpress theme customization services that are agile and help you in pitching the most qualitatively-optimized and dynamic themes to the end-user.

One of the best PHP open source Learning Management Systems (LMS), Moodle is the most widely used eLearning platform. TechnoScore has extensive know-how and capabilities in open source development for Moodle Learning Management system. We build bespoke Moodle design, develop SCORM courses, new plugins, and tailor existing plugins.

TechnoScore is well-resourced to deliver highly customized Moodle solutions as per your needs and synchronized with the workflow of your existing Learning System. We can help you plan, execute, and evaluate a specific learning process, for creating and delivering content, monitoring student participation, and assessing the performance of the students.

Moodle Web Development & Customization: What We Do?

TechnoScore is a leading Moodle development company based in India. The PHP team at TechnoScore has significant expertise and detailed understanding of Moodle platform, coupled with their exposure to working in learning and training sphere. This makes TechnoScore an able partner who supports you in developing your Moodle site for you, customizing it or switching from previous versions to the latest stable version.
We offer the following Moodle based services:

Moodle Customization
SCORM compliant
Learning System Development
Dedicated Programming Services
Application Development
eLearning with Moodle
Templates and Custom Design
Extensions Development
Plug-in Development
Modules Development
Website Maintenance
Custom Modules Integration
XHTML/CSS Enhancements
Custom Payment Gateway

Ready to Jump-Start your project?
Contact Us To Discuss Your Moodle Customization Requirements.

Discuss your project with us. Contact us if you are planning to hire a Moodle developer, programmer or Hire a dedicated offshore team. We are confident of our Moodle Development team that they would be able to assist you with your eLearning needs.

Why TechnoScore for Moodle Development Services?
TechnoScore has gathered truly strong expertise in Moodle learning platform development. We have customized new modules including online booking for classroom courses and customized reporting with easy to use filters which can easily be shifted to Excel. We have also integrated it into corporate environments with single sign-on to Moodle and passing learner data back to systems such as Oracle HR. We also assist our customers in upgrading their installations, whenever some new versions are released.

TechnoScore has experienced, dedicated and expert Moodle developers adept at overcoming LMS challenges.

What is Moodle?
Moodle is the most widely used eLearning platform or a learning/ course management system (LMS). Online learning sites or eLearning portals can be created through Moodle. It is an opensource web application, created in PHP. Being an opensource, it is easily customizable – no matter if it is about modifying the existing features, or writing separate additional functionalities like plug-ins.

Moodle can be leveraged as the front-end itself in the event of publically open eLearning portal or can be integrated with web applications as management system for internal learning. eLearning businesses, accedemic universities, industrial training centres, and even enterprises are using it as their favored eLearning platform or LMS platform.

We know there are many reasons for your Joomla upgrade/migration decision. And we bet that your decision is probably based on the need, and not that you want to migrate. We do maintain hundreds of Joomla sites and we have been in your shoes. Are you wondering how to have a smooth migration without affecting your current web site, without investing lot of your time to learn and implement the process, face unexpected challenges and while migration how to safe guard and secure data? We at HatechSolutions carry tons of Joomla migration experience, every day we do numerous upgrades/migrations. We understand the importance of a timely upgrade and secure data migration.

Why wait? Your next step is to start your migration. You are in the right place. Please see below our process, and our special service offers. We support Joomla 1.5+ to Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.2+ migrations.

Our Service Includes
No or Minimum Website Down Time
Your website visitors on the same time zone will not experience any downtime during our migration process. If you have visitors all around the world they may have minimum downtime. We use our test server to test and keep your migration procedure ready to do your migration in minimum amount of time.

Use Our Test Server
As soon your website is backed up and we learned about your website in details. We will provide a staging server and do test migration in our server. After successful migration in our test environment we will plan a live server migration. This step will avoid any unexpected issues during migration.

Website Version and Component Verification
We will verify installed component before migration, make sure all the components are installed and have smooth data transfer.

Free Joomla Bug or Issue Fix
All migration will not go smooth, we always prepare for the worst. Our technical team will do 30 Minutes Joomla bugs or any minor components issues during the migration.

Detailed Project Planning and Co-ordination
Working with Live website is very critical task; it requires detailed planning and effective coordination. With our solid experience we have put a strong process and project management in place. We will share our detailed planning and keep you posted with every stage of progress.