Ti Oluwa Nile: Part 1-3

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The Complete Series 1,2,3

A clique of land speculators enlists the help a traditional chief to sell ancestral land fraudulently to a business man who plans to build a petrol station.

The community resists this affront which ended in a modern law court. But then, in retribution, the culprits start dying one after the other in bizarre circumstances suggesting that they are linked in a chain of death.

Ti Oluwa Nile suggests that the traditional religion has provided for environmental conservation by placing taboos on land and forests and encourage humans to co-habit with nature.

Starring: Kareem Adepoju, Dele Odule, Golda John, Lere Paimo, Yemi Shodimu, Bimpe Adekola, Kayode Olaiya

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